KRL006 | “Orioni EP” – Luis Ruiz // Reeko

Artist: Luis Ruiz // Reeko
Titles: Dilmun / DNA from Sirius / Vimamas / Dilmun (Reeko remix)
Release date: October 22th, 2013
Release/Catalogue Number: KRL006
Mastered by Elster Mastering
Artwork: Alejandro Sanchez.


KRL005 | “Habitat” – Various Artists

From industrial cool to smoky skip and swing and back to the basement again—via a token dip in the acid bath on its last record, Krill Music has been snaking steadily through the dance floor’s many canons, plotting fresh axes between the fertile contemporary techno scenes of Manchester, Argentina, Italy, Sweden and Berlin along the way. Over four well received releases featuring original and remixed material from the likes of AnD, Jonas Kopp, Szare, Henning Baer, Pfirter, Ascion, X501 and Bleak the fledging label has quickly established itself as a trustworthy tastemaker, particularly when it comes to scouting young talent. And so, in acknowledgement of their first anniversary, Krill Music have curated a deluxe double vinyl package of new works from an array of budding to one-to-watch producers.

Atmospheric dub techno from Inner Surface Music man Tom Dicicco, acid tones from Charlton and Andrea Santoro, anxious 90’s-facing techno from Argentine Matt Saderlan to the various degrees of thoroughly modern floor works in between makes ‘Habitat’ a versatile resource for DJ’s and electronic fans alike. Including primary releases from a number of formidable newcomers like Swedish Lodbrok and UK act Fundamental Interaction, ‘Habitat’ presents a cross-pollinated compilation that places conscientious craftsmanship in the foreground, in turn delivering a record unequivocally stamped with dance floor sentiment and a keen sense of the here and now. Let Krill be your gatekeepers, and Music be your guide.


Part 1:

A1: Tom Dicicco – Dying Breed
A2: Percyl – November
B1: Charlton – Perish
B2: Fundamental Interaction – Reverse

Part 2:

C1: Thomas Hessler – Photons
C2: Lodbrok – Knickre Ox
D1: Andrea Santoro – Pitagora
D2: Matt Saderlan – The Catcher

Release date: May 6th, 2012
Release/Catalogue Number: KRL005
Mastered by Elster Mastering
Artwork & layout by Robin Smeds Mattila.
Words by Holly Dee.


Some feedback:

Pfirter Excellent release once again on
Krill Music, specially Charlton, Tom Dicicco and Percyl tracks for me. Full
AnD solid compilation from Krill!
Rolando ‘November’, ‘Reverse’ & ‘The
Catcher’ are thhe standout tracks for me – I will definitely be playing these
Adam X Like the Dicicco , Hessler and
Lodbrok trax..
Mary Velo Awesome!  Will be playing Thomas Hessler’s track for
Gareth Wildey Full ful full support ! :D
Ascion I like some tracks. nice work!
Charlton Nice release happy to that i can
be apart off this….
Cassegrain Feeling Percyl, Chartlon, Thomas
Hessler, Matt Saderian tracks! good club material all round.
Dj Mosca Fundamental Interaction and the
Andrea Santoro pieces for me. Thanks from LDN
Phase Thanks for sharing, will play
for sure.
Truncate / Audio Injection great stuff in here thanks!
Marcel Dettmann Thanks for sharing, full
Juho Kusti – Deep Space
excellent collection of stunning
techno. all tracks are awesome and it’s really hard to pick a favorite but
I’ll go with Mr Hessler this time. can’t wait for the vinyl. thanks!
Chris Lamb (Animal Farm) Great release – Charlton is the
pick for me.Fundamental Interaction is really cool too.
Mark Broom Great selection here, my picks
are Percyl & Charlton! will get a lot of use from all the tracks one way
or another:)
Dimi Angelis cool package. charlton,s perisch
is favo, by far! tom is second best for me
Sanys Sick package, love every track!
Eric Cloutier fantastic collection of tracks
here! really tough to pick a best one, but either thomas hessler’s
“photons,” with its proper trip out, or percyl’s expertly crafted
dub techno on “november” are the two tops for me. regardless, i’ll
be playing at least five of these tracks in sets. awesome stuff!!!
Markus Suckut lot of good tracks here!
Psyk Excellent, solid release!
M_rec Nice various artists, Dicicco
and charlton is my fav.
Samuli kemppi Really strong release. Lots of
good stuff that I can play. Thanks for this!
Lee Holman very strong release. Love the
Percyl track especially but all tracks are solid! Thanks for sending.
Joton Nice release. Support!
Exium Great music here.
Tommy 47 Great works!
Droid USA solid package… allot of gold
in here
Dynamic Refection Cool stuff. Like Tom’s,
Charlton, Thomas Hessler and Andrea Santoro tracks best.
Vegim Some great tracks here. Will
play them loud.
Abdulla Rashim Excelent, thanks.
Par Grindvik love the whole thing! plenty of
tracks that i will play. that Dicicco track is pure gold! thanks
Affin Label Andrea Santoro!
Luis Ruiz I like the acid track by
Charlton, very refined old school tune. The whole album is amazing! Special
mention to Matt Saderland, congratulations for be part of Krill, argentinian
young with good quality. Full support. Krill rules!
Shifted nice comp this… cheers. will
be playing a few of them for sure
Jonas kopp All greats tracks , full
Blawan Charltons track is getting full
support ! wicked collection of tracks !
Scan mode Very nice.
Ben Sims such a great package, very hard
to pick a favourite.i will be playing this for a long time, thx!!
Philippe Petit Strong Release by Krill once
again. I will definitely play quite a few of the tracks on this release.
S-Tek Nice Release. I like more than
one trak here. Will play it in my next sets. Thanks for promo.
Audio Assault Great diverse collection of
proper tunes! Full support!
Token nice one! my favs for now:
percyl, fundamental interaction & dicicco.
Pehr Genlogue Great package of tracks! My
favorites are November and Photons.
Marcel Heese thanks for the promo! lovely
package altogether. hard to pick a favourite here but i think right now i
like charltons track most.
Darren Quail (Animal Farm) WOW! Great to have a pack like
this where i can literally play every single one! Hard to choose a favourite!
Well done Krill !
Sigha great release, have already been
playing Dying Breed and Perish a lot. thank you! x
Jeroen Search Massive release, full support!
Brogan Force Loved every single track, each
track got better and better! Full support Krill Music!
2562 AMUS thanks guys, can’t listen right
now but have enjoyed previous krill releases a lot – will d/l
Unbalance very good release, dancefloor
will burn
Dustyn Zhan Nice collection! Many good ones
here but my faves come from Percyl, Matt Saderlan, and Thomas Hessler.
Inigo Kennedy Solid selection and great
atmosphere on a couple of the tracks! Thanks!
Subjected Really good compilation…
Fundamental Interaction, Charlton, Thomas Hessler are my favs!!! Thank you.
Perc Charlton’s track is really,
really good. Full support.


Artist: Henning Baer // Ascion // Pfirter
Titles: Multicore / The Poetics of Withdrawal / The Poetics of Withdrawal (Pfirter’s No Fear of Death Mix)
Release date: August 20th, 2012
Release/Catalogue Number: KRL003
Mastered by Elster Mastering
Artwork: Lina Vims.