KRL004 | “X501 EP” – X501 // BLEAK

Artist: X501 // Bleak
Titles: X501.3 / X501.5 / X501.7 / X501.7 (Bleak Rework)
Release date: November 14th, 2012
Release/Catalogue Number: KRL004
Mastered by Elster Mastering
Artwork: Vitraux.


Some feedback:

2562 (AMUS) 1.5 is a bomb, liking 1.7 as well. looking forward to playing this out.
Abdulla Rashim B is for me, great release.
Andrea Ness Excellent ep ! 4 tracks for 4 different moments fits perfectly in my sets! Thanks !!!
Ascion nice!
Charlton good solid ep supported :) will play it out on my gigs
Dustyn Zhan I like both versions of 501.7. Nice chordy vibes
DVS1 .3 and .7 are dope!!  Thanks!!
Gynoid Label Great release, X501.3 for me, support !
Evasion Room Records The ep is super but X501.7 is da BOMB!
Exium Like X501.3 best, thanks.
Gareth Wildey Big. Gonna play it Saturday here:
Inigo Kennedy Great stuff! X501.3 is heavy!
Sigha .3 and .5 for me will be supporting for sure. Loving the acid work out on .5
Jeroen Search Massive, full support for the X501.7 original and Bleak rework!!
Jonas kopp love the whole EP ! thanks
Joseph McGeechan Really wicked ep.
Marcel Heese really nice and diversified ep. will probably play x501.5 the most but i like all 4 tracks. thanks!
Mark Morris super x501 ep !!! support 1.3 is a bomb
Markus Suckut .7 and .7 bleak mix for me :)
Mary Velo X501.3 and X501.5 are pretty sweet!
Mary Velo
M_rec Another great release, love all original tracks and bleak remix is huge.
Max_M (M_Rec Ltd)
Opuswerk Can’t pick a favorite track. Amazing EP on Krill. A pleasure to receive such promos. Will play and paly!
Pehr Genlogue Excellent stuff from Krill Music, as always!
Original X501.3 and Bleak Rework is best for me.
Percyl a great vision of techno, acid and deep rave stuff.
The whole EP is coherent.
Thx Espen
Pfirter 501.5 and bleak remix for me, thanks!
Philippe Petit Raffaele is on a roll. I will definitely play these tracks. Great release!
Psyk perfect release.
ROD that 2nd track is pure RAVE! :) like all cuts though tnx
Shapednoised I Like X501 – X501.3 (Original Mix) is nice!, thanks!
Shifted great stuff. looking forward to listening in more detail
Subjected Great! X501.7 my fav.
Tadeo Good acid Vibes in .5.
Thomas Hessler Good EP ! My Picks are X501.5 & the Bleak Rework
Kr!z (Token) big release. i like & will play all 3 original tracks. hard to pick a fav
Tommy 47 Great stuff, sure players, thanks
Woo york Great music by X501, really dig the whole ep. Remix by Bleak is also great work for the release. Thanks alot!

Also supported, charted and played by Chris Liebing, Abstract Division, Roman Lindau, Lee Holman and much others.